Welcome to the recipe center created by Gustavo and Carmen, the creators of Casa Mágica de Juguetes and Cocinemos con Carmen. We are originally from El Salvador. We grew up in a beautiful little town with happy, hard-working people. We were raised in low-income, humble homes during a long time of civil war and then of rebuilding and healing. Our parent figures were our grandparents. With them, we learned to love humble but delicious dishes such as pupusas, nuegados, roasted bananas, chicken stew, pacayas, cheese mamaso, fried eggs with toasted tortilla and the sweet bread with afternoon corn coffee …


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We immigrated to the United States in our late teens. Here, we tried international food for the first time. Sometimes the food didn’t taste as good at first, like the time we had a beef rib barbecue. We had never tasted sweet meat in our lives. But, as time went by, we learned to get a taste for it and to enjoy its exquisite originality. We found other dishes delicious from the first time we tried them. I remember that Mexican pozole that my sister made once, some Argentinan empanadas that I bought in the park on a soccer Sunday, Chinese food from around the corner and a delicious ceviche that a friend from Peru prepared.


But, even with all that variety of delicious food, coming from a beautiful cultural diversity, our mind, very often, flies in another direction. Our memories often take us to those moments when we enjoyed with our grandparents around a table. Those days when we lined up at school, and we jokingly pushed each other among friends to obtain a portion of rice with canned fried meat, or rice pudding. We remember the Sundays when we shared with family and friends that delicious Indian chicken soup , the exquisite street food and the chicken tamales on Christmas eve.

We know that these feelings that food causes on us are not alien to you. Surely, right now you are thinking about that delicious dish that you tried that time and where and with whom you shared it. And surely, that is why you have come here. You want to find that recipe to enjoy it and make it yours. Or maybe, you want a place where you can safeguard that recipe so that it is never lost and can make others happy.


Often times, we also spend many hours online trying to find that recipe we crave. Many times we are not lucky. We have often had to experiment and fail, like the time when we perfected the Salvadoran quesadilla recipe (we failed about 10 times). The problem is that, there are so many food recipe websites and some have recipes that are difficult to understand, incomplete and even so incorrect that one just has to lower one’s shoulders and think about that which was and could be.

That is why we have created this website, CocinAmerica (Cuisine of the countries of America) and its Spanish Version. Our goal is to be the central point to find the authentic food of the American continent. We want it to be the website where you can share your recipes that you love so much: the recipes of your grandmother, your aunt, your mother, your ancestors, that food that your partner prepared for you, that stew that shoots you into the sky with alegria, the cake that makes you float just by smelling it, or the delicious food of indigenous origin that only you and a few others still know how to make.

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Thank you very much for making CocinAmerica your recipe website in Spanish.