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French Fries from El Salvador

Without a doubt one of my favorite street food dishes in El Salvador is French fries with grated soft hard cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup. Now, you will not have to …

Sweet Corn Tamales

Delicious corn tamales with cheese just like how my grandmother made them, step by step and with images and video.

Sweet Corn Atole — Hot Sweet Corn and Milk Beberage

Delicious hot sweet corn and milk beverage just like the one grandma used to make…

Sugar Doughnuts

Very easy recipe for soft and fluffy sugar doughnuts in simple steps to follow!

Pumpkin in Syrup | Candied Pumpkin

When I was a child, I loved the pumpkin harvest season as that meant my grandmother would prepare them in brown sugar cane syrup. The pumpkin from my country have …

Salvadorean Quesadilla

The Salvadoran quesadilla, unlike the Mexican quesadilla, is a soft, thin, and moist pound cake made with cheese and cream. Sigue este link para la receta de quesadilla en Español.

Salvadoran French Bread

In El Salvador, French bread has become a staple, especially enjoyed for breakfast. French bread is also used to make Pan con Pollo (Chicken Sandwich) . Sigue el link para la …

Salvadorean Chicken Sandwich

There is no doubt that a New Year’s Eve or a Christmas eve party in El Salvador is not complete without Pan con Pollo (Chicken Sandwich). Discover how easy it …

Chicken Tamales from El Salvador — Tamales in Banana Leaves

You have to try these Salvadoran tamales. They are the best tamales you will ever have. My mother-in-law taught me how to make them many years ago and everyone love them. …

Riguas – Griddled Fresh sweet Corn Patties on Banana Leaves

In El Salvador, Riguas are delicious crescent-shaped patties made with young sweet white corn, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on a griddle. Remember that you can share your recipe …